Home Insurance

Home Insurance can help add peace of mind, by protecting your home and belongings that you worked hard to achieve.

With home insurance the perils covered (losses covered) can vary from insurance company to insurance company, but follow the outline of Broad or Open Perils for the structure. This outline is a good starting point to understand your home insurance, but you should always read the policy. It’s easier than you would think and can avoid surprises later.

The typical HO-A or ISO HO-1 policy which are broad form policies Cover the following Perils.

  • Fire and lighting
  • Windstorm an Hail
  • Explosion
  • Riot or Civil...

Most home policies come with replacement cost coverage. Meaning the insurance company will pay the full amount to replace the damage property minus any deductible. This is the coverage I recommend as it makes allows you to replace the property that was damaged or stolen.

However, there are a few areas of a home policy that do not get replacement cost coverage regardless if the rest of the home policy is replacement cost. These items are paid out in actual cash value. Which means the insurance company will deprecate the item based on its age and condition and only pay a portion of...


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