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We can help you manage your risks so you can focus on keeping your business on the road to long-term success. We customized insurance solutions that you can tailor to fit your insurance and business needs.

First, start by imagining a disaster. One day, you get to work — the first one there as usual. You find the door already unlocked, which sends up a big red flag in your mind because you know you locked the door the previous night. (You are last to leave as well.) You open the door and find . . . desk drawers open, file cabinets overturned . . . and the personal computers on each desktop — where are the PCs?

By the time your employees...


Some common phrases I hear when talking to clients.

1) That wont happen to me.

2) I never make claims.

3) I pay so much premium and get nothing back.

While I understand the source of questioning and frustration trying to manage risk there are a few steps you can take to be your own risk manager.

What is risk? :

First risk in insurance (typically) is the possibility of a negative outcome, or no loss. This is...


Most businesses don’t understand the liability losses they face because they are not common claims but when they do occur they have the greatest potential to shut down a business. Below is a list of the most common exposures, and can be used as a tool to identify and then limit your business’s exposure.

1) Premise liability: created by having visitors to an organization’s premise.

2) Operations liability: created by conducting...


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