Water Damage: Ways to Prevent it and Whats Covered

If you are going to understand one coverage on a home insurance policy, water damage should be it. This is because water damage comes in many forms and not all types are covered.

The goal of a home insurance policy is to cover sudden and accidental water damage. Think bursting pipes, appliances failing, and accidental overflows.

  • Slow leaks are generally not covered. This is a touchy subject, because what if you didn’t know about it? That can be true, however with the average deductible in Texas at about 2000, a slow leak with 2000 plus dollars in damage, it is hard to imagine a situation where its not noticeable. The times where the slow leak results in this much damages is always most likely neglect. If the damage is above your deductible and reported at first possible discovery and not due to you neglecting something that created the leak, then my experience is that most insurance company will pay such a claim.
  • Leaks in the slab are not covered by many policies sold unless endorsed. Note that the endorsement doesn’t cover the slab just the access to reach the pipe in the slab and then refill the slab.
  • Back up of sewer and drain is also not covered, unless endorsed. This means reverse flow from the water supply, not a clog that back flows in your house.
  • Floods are also not covered by home policies. You can read more about flood insurance in a past blog here

When a homeowner is proactive with water damage you reduce your risk for a claim as well as reduce your risk for a slow leak to become a serious issue. A great resource comes from Foremost Insurance a company owned by Farmers Insurance. The website they created has an interactive water loss education site. You can access it here , for tips on how to be proactive about water damage prevention.

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