The Importance of Uninsured Motorist Coverage

UIM coverage is just as important if not more important than the auto liability limits you carry to protect your assets from a lawsuit.

Here’s why:

1) 1 in 4 drivers in Travis County are uninsured motorist. Source: pilot program to catch uninsured motorists in Travis County. Sadly the pilot program started 3 years ago and the state has not acted on it.

2) A person who is not responsible enough to carry auto insurance, will typically take risks in other areas of their life and cause more severe auto accidents.

3) When an uninsured motorist injures you, your assets are at risk, and most people don’t think about this. If you have medical bills, sure health insurance kicks in, but what about pain, suffering, lost wages, and other additional expense. All of these can drain you financially, especially if paralyzed or death in an auto accident occurs.

4) UIM Protects YOU and your family.

The Solution:

Be sure to carry Uninsured motorist limits that at least meet your liability limits. The max currently available on a auto policy is 500K per person, and 500K per accident. Purchasing an Umbrella policy on top of this for UIM is possible but costly compare to other liability products about 600 a year for 1 million.

The other solution is for the state of Texas to actively use the tools they have to catch UIM. This includes a database of all insured vehicles based on VINs, and a title record of all matching owners and VINs. Using this data could find and enforce everyone to be responsible and carry insurance.

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