Info to get at scene of an auto accident

First thing, is to stop and render aid. Call 911 for emergency medical help if needed. Second, notify the police. Note: police are not likely to come to the scene if the accident occurred in a parking lot, or there are no injuries.

Now its time to gather information.

The top priorities:

  1. Be sure to get the drivers name, dob, and drivers license.
  2. The license plate of their vehicle. (We can pull the registered owner of a vehicle from this)
  3. Getting witnesses’ names and contact numbers can be a huge help especially when other parties change their story after they leave the scene. The police coming out and getting statements and recording the accident at the scene acts as a great “witness” source in addition to any other witnesses. (Be sure to get a copy of the police report at the scene if you can as the form can take 3 or more days to be available again.)
  4. Get insurance information on the other vehicle involved in the accident.

Other helpful information to gather at the scene:

  1. Addresses of other driver.
  2. Names of passengers in your car and other car(s) and their contact numbers.
  3. Color of other car
  4. Pictures of the damages and area.

From here you have several options on filing the claim:

  1. Call our local Bee Cave/Lakeway office: 512-215-4044
  2. Call the claims department of the other at fault party. Click here for details on this option.
  3. Call your insurance company's claims department.

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