How to cover social media risks with insurance

Do you Tweet, or Facebook? Seems harmless, but it opens up a huge risk… personal injury! Personal Injury in relation to your home or renters insurance policy doesn’t mean bodily injury but harm to the mind or emotions.

With all the comments and tweets that go out to your closest 500 friends, imagine if one of them was offended by your comment. You could be sued for defamation of character. But you wouldn’t do that right?, what about your children or teenager? Scared Now!?!

Because of the risk it is worth explaining to kids and some adults, what the risk are, and to include personal injury coverage on your home or renters policy to add piece of mind.

Detailed examples of damages covered.

1. false arrest, imprisonment, malicious prosecution and detention;

2. the wrongful eviction from, wrongful entry into, or invasion of the right of private occupancy of a room,

home, or premises that a person occupies when committed by or on behalf of its owner, landlord, or


3. libel, slander, defamation of character;

4. discrimination because of race, color, religion or national origin;

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