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Food Trailer Insurance

For in depth information about food trailer insurance check out Insure My Food Trailer

Food trailer business owners have many advantages over traditional brick and mortar restaurant owners. One of those advantages is being able to try new locations or to move the food trailer to an event.

However, that same advantage can create gaps in insurance coverage. The Paprocki Insurance Agency understands the business and offers a competitive insurance policy tailored to the food trailer business. We even created a website where you can get a quote.

The food trailer insurance advantages included

  • Options for standalone General liability coverage, or package coverage to include property coverage.
  • No liability deductible
  • General Liability limits up to 2 million
  • Security of “A” rated carrier or better
  • Coverage for your trailer up to 35K including theft and collision
  • Competitive pricing
  • No charge for adding additional insured’s (commissary kitchen, events, etc.)

Common Mistakes

  • Having property coverage that is limited to just the business address (standard practice). Meaning if you go to an event away from your main location you lose coverage.
  • Using a Business owner policy designed for a restaurant, and not for a food vendor operation.

Types of risk Food Trailers are exposed to:

Bodily Injury:

A customer buys a hot dog from your stand. While eating the hot dog, the customer suddenly chips a tooth on something hard contained inside the hot dog. The customer incurs $700 in medical expenses and $6,000 in corrective dental expenses.

Premise Liability:

Customers are within the premises you occupy choosing the perfect meal. A customer trips over an extension cord lying on the ground and sprains a knee. The customer incurs $1,200 in medical expenses for x-rays and $3,500 in lost wages.


The day is over and your trailer is stored for the evening. You awake to find it has been stolen. You will now need to spend $15,000 on a new cart and equipment.

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