File an Auto claim with your policy or at fault party?

I often get the scenario of a client who is not at fault, and needs to file a claim after another party hits them. From here if there are no injuries, there are two options. File the claim with the clients policy or have the client file against the at fault party’s insurance. The short of it, is that I recommend filing on the other parties insurance but there are pros and cons to each way. Below list some of the pros and cons.

File with other parties auto insurance policy: (assuming you carry collision coverage on your policy)


1) Only one claim needs to be filed.

2) Once they complete investigation to determine fault they will pay claim in full. This can be a quick process when the facts of the accident are basic, such as a hit from behind while stopped.


1) Some insurance companies don’t have the resources or staff training and can be difficult to work with. (We recommend stopping the process, and filing on your own policy at any time if you feel uncomfortable.)

File on own policy:


1) We can take the claim in the agency and help you get the process started.

2) We only represent carriers with great claims records and can help you along the way if needed.

3) You can start repairs immediately if you carry collision insurance; although you are subject to the deductible (see cons).


1) Your collision deductible will apply until your carrier collects from the at fault party’s insurance. And if you don’t have rental reimbursement coverage you might be waiting for that expense to reimbursed also.

2) Often this means duplication work for the insured, as all the facts and claims information needs to be given once to each insurance company directly.

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