how to and features

If you are a customer of Farmers Insurance there are many convenient features on and even your iPhone. Note the system is only for personal insurance and not commercial policies.

Here is how to get signed up!

1) First go to

2) In the top right area of the page click on enroll.

3) The first question is your policy #. This is your 8 digit auto policy or your 9 digit Home/Renter policy.

Two Things to note at this step:

- your policy number on some documents will have a leading 35, do not include this.

- your billing account number is not your policy number. A billing account has letters in the account number, and policy #’s do not.

4) Enter your last name, DOB, and last 4 of your social.

5) finish the page to create login credentials, and email. Note that your login and password must be at least 6 characters and include at least one character and one number.

You’re in, now what?

1) Sign up for paperless policies and paperless billing.

2) Print id cards 24/7.

3) Pay your bill with credit card, debit card, or bank account.

4) View a claim

5) Submit a change request.

6) Download iFarmers for the iPhone. You can view your policy details, view your bill, contact our office from your phone, contact claims, and much more.

p: (512) 649-8191

f: (512) 535-0495

12600 Hill Country Blvd. Suite R-275
Austin, TX 78738