Farmers first to arrive and help Oklahoma City tornado victims

The below is an article published by Farmers. This is a good example of how Farmers responds in a catastrophe. Every event from Hurricane Ike (Farmers Ike Video) to wild fires in California were handled the same way. Farmers has the size and willingness to help customers 2 days to 2 weeks before other companies can even start. The desire combined with creating relationships by providing large donations of diesel or other needs to city services. Here is a link to hurricane Ike respo

As rescuers begin combing through the wreckage after tornadoes tore across Oklahoma on Monday, Farmers employees, agents and district managers are already meeting with affected customers in the Oklahoma City metropolitan area.

“Oklahoma City and the surrounding areas have been hit hard by these tornadoes and we are making contact with our customers as quickly as we can,” says John Lucido, state executive director – Oklahoma.

District manager Pepper Williams and members of Oklahoma’s Agency Catastrophe Team have been touring damaged neighborhoods and talking to customers in the harder hit areas since sunrise.

“We have unbelievable access to damaged areas as a result of the disaster relations we’ve created with local authorities and the insurance commissioner,” says Williams. “As a result Farmers is the first insurance carrier on the scene. Our Agency Catastrophe Team has been meeting customers to fill the gap between the 24 to 48 hours until the Farmers team of catastrophe adjusters arrives.”

Williams and the catastrophe team have been making sure customers and non-Farmers customers are OK and letting them know what general Homeowners policies state can and can’t be done to fix a damaged home.

“The customers are so impressed with Farmers being here to help right away,” Williams said. “But the greatest reaction we are getting is from those who aren’t Farmers customers. Their carriers aren’t here yet, and the 800-number customers I’ve talked with said their phone calls haven’t been returned yet.”

In addition, Oklahoma’s Customer Care Vehicle (CCV) is being deployed to help customers. It’s located in the Wal-Mart parking lot at 501 SW 19th Street in Moore, Okla. And one of the Mobile Claims Center (MCC) buses is stationed at 7105 S Anderson Rd., in Oklahoma City. At the CCV and MCC, Farmers customers and non-Farmers customers can use the free internet service, make calls on satellite phones, find information about emergency medical services or simply enjoy a cup of coffee.

Customers can also follow Farmers’ response to the tornado and the MCC’s whereabouts on Twitter and

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