Credit Where Credit is Due

Only One Website is Authorized To Give You a Truly FREE Report.

Skip all of the marketing hype. The advertisements tell you how important it is for you to check your credit report and for that part, they are right. However, you don’t have to pay for it!

All those websites and commercials urging you to “log on and get your free credit report” with promises of a “free credit score” are scams with strings attached. They want you so sign up for services like credit monitoring and then charge you a monthly fee.

While you may have a need for monthly credit monitoring, I don’t think that you should be tricked into signing up for it!

Only one secure website is authorized under law to fill orders for your truly free credit report. The world of commerce, banking and insurance use data in your credit file to make decisions that affect the price you pay for credit, loans and in some states insurance. So it is a good idea to stay on top of what others are reporting about you.

You are entitled to receive a free report one time each year from each of the three nationwide consumer credit reporting agencies from this “Central Source.”

An “Insider Tip” is to order your credit report from one agency now, from another agency in four months and from the third four months after that. Then start the cycle over for the next year. That way you can keep an eye on your credit all year long for free!

Log on to to see what’s in your credit file from each of the three consumer reporting companies—Equifax, Experian and TransUnion.

While you are there, be sure and check out their FAQs, (Frequently Asked Questions) and see the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) cautions to consumers about companies that claim they can repair your credit or improve your credit report for a fee.

Don’t want to go online? You can call 1-877-322-8228 or write to:

Annual Credit Report Request Service

PO Box 105283

Atlanta, GA 30348-5283

However, if you call or write, it isn’t instant like the online report is. It will take a while for you to get it, since they will mail it to you within 15 days.

As for your “credit score,” you can purchase it when you request your free annual credit report or by contacting one of the nationwide consumer credit reporting agencies:

Equifax –

Experian –

TransUnion –

Everyone else seems to be looking at what’s in your credit report. You might as well take a look too!

p: (512) 649-8191

f: (512) 535-0495

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Austin, TX 78738